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Favorite stomp-worthy danceable industrial tunes, Vol. 8 [Aug. 18th, 2011|04:04 pm]
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Here's what I've been enthusiastically stompin' to lately:

Klutæ - Stagnant Water (This track is absolutely excellent for dancing.  Check out the preview of the new Klutæ album, too!)
Hex Rx - Eviscerate
Amduscia - What
Aïboforcen - Not Unique (Virtual Embrace Remix)
FGFC820 - We Don't Need No World War III
Needle Sharing - Nordic Rampage
Xotox - Industrial Madness
Chainreactor - Stoergeraeusche
E.I.D - Death By Stereo
Shnarph! - Albtraum
Sonitus Niger - Asskickers Inc.
Weltkreig - Aetzwunde
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Favorite stomp-worthy danceable industrial tunes, Vol. 7 [Sep. 20th, 2010|06:16 pm]
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Hi, fellow rivetheads!  I'm still here, and still happily stompin'...I have no intention of abandoning this project.  Updates will continue to happen whenever I have the time, energy, and inclination...whether that's once a fortnight, once a month, or once a year.

Here's the latest edition of my eclectic collection of stompy tracks - old-school and new - for your dancing pleasure.  I post what I like to dance to personally, in no particular order.  Enjoy!

Didya know that the legendary industrial/EBM band Funker Vogt did a cover of Prince's "Gett Off?"  Neither did I, until recently.  It's quite hard to find, apparently, but it's available on YouTube.  Check it out!
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My current top 50 favorite industrial dance tracks [Apr. 11th, 2010|11:16 am]
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In no particular order.  It was quite a challenge to get this list down to only 50!

1) Cold Flesh Colony – Into The Abyss
2) Xotox – Ewig
3) Funker Vogt – Harvester of Sorrow
4) Zeitmahl – Don’t Be Afraid (Xorcist Mix)
5) Schallfaktor - Seelenfresser
6) Skorbut – Phantom Pain
7) Prometheus Burning – You Know What You Are
8) Re:\Legion – Cancer Decay
9) E-Craft - Necromanie
10) Controlled Collapse - Selfless
11) Kaos-Frequenz – Blood Game V.2
12) Rotersand – War on Error
13) Thirteenth Exile – Pain Receiver
14) Virtual><Embrace – Must I Go?
15) KMFDM – Anarchy (Payola Mix)
16) System Syn – Open Wrists
17) This Morn’ Omina – Shiftwind
18) davaNtage – Unholy
19) Icon of Coil – Android (Combichrist Remix)
20) Endif – Antilife
21) Tactical Sekt – Xfixiation (Hellfire Mix by SITD)
22) Valium Era – Tanz Im Kopf v2
23) Steinkind – Kindgott
24) Das Ich – Kannibale (RX Agapesis)
25) Absurd Minds – Deception (E-Craft Mix)
26) Pzychobitch – Wake Up (Remix by SITD)
27) VexXxer – Ethyl
28) Solar Fake – The Shield
29) Encephalon – Rise
30) IC 434 – Bacteriate
31) Cyanide Regime – Vanquisher
32) Engelmacher - Carrion
33) Life Cried – Guardian
34) Terrorfakt – No Frequency (Angel Theory Mix)
35) Virtual Victim – Schicksal
36) Auto-Auto – Shadowlands
37) XP8 – Download Me
38) E-Craft – Full of Decay
39) La Magra – Infect Me (Wynardtage Remix)
40) Imperative Reaction – Panic Cycle
41) Aiboforcen – Hurting You is Good For Me
42) C/A/T – Denied (Ghost of Disco Past Mix by Alter der Ruine)
43) Cold Flesh Colony - Antipathie
44) SAM – Buzz Chamber
45) De/Vision - Rage
46) Steinkind – Ich Muss
47) Retractor – Victims of Flesh
48) Supreme Court – Fainting Faces (Retractor ReMix)
49) XP8 – Control I’m Here (Arghmented Mix by Moonitor)
50) FGFC820 - Victim

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Favorite stomp-worthy danceable industrial tunes, Vol. 6 [Feb. 4th, 2010|12:27 pm]
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I spend a great deal of time on last.fm and YouTube discovering awesome new rivethead music.  So much time, in fact, that I accumulate a new list of most-beloved danceable industrial/dark electro/EBM/rhythmic noise tracks every couple of months.  The only ones that make it onto my playlists here are the tracks that never fail to get me out on the dance floor - the ones where, when I hear 'em, I can't possibly sit still; I simply MUST get up and move.  All hail the oontz! 

Here's what I'm currently stompin' to:

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Sister Machine Gun [Dec. 28th, 2009|10:53 pm]
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[Current Mood |impressedimpressed]

At the club last week, I was chatting with someone who mentioned the band Sister Machine Gun.  I responded with “Oh, yeah, I remember them!”  The mention of SMG made me think back fondly to the Wax Trax! Bands I loved back in the early 1990s when I was first getting into goth/industrial music.  At the time, I had a copy of SMG’s Sins of the Flesh and loved it.  I never heard much of their other material, though, for some reason.

Well, I decided to remedy that, so this week I’ve been listening to material from SMG’s albums Metropolis, The Torture Technique, and Influence.

And I am blown away.  Speechless.  This band is truly amazing! 

Why isn’t a band of this caliber more well known?  And more to the point, how on earth did I manage to overlook their other material for so damn long, even though I was listening to other industrial bands all along?

Chris Randall’s voice is irresistibly magnetic – it just drips with smoldering passion, emotional depth, and barely-restrained eroticism.  It gets under my skin…it’s so deliciously hot and beautifully dirty.  I’m particularly impressed, so far, by the tracks “Admit,” “To Hell With You,” “Everything,” "Temptation," and most especially “Disease,” the one I most love to dance to.  That’s just a start, though – I’m going to get my hands on their old material and listen to all of it.

I love discovering new industrial bands anyway, but this particular journey of re-discovery is especially poignant and nostalgic for me because it hearkens back to my early college days, which are ripe with fond memories of finding my own sense of strength after some very trying times.  Listening to this music helps to reacquaint me with parts of myself that have been in hiding for far too long, and it’s a joy to rediscover this in the context of such great music.

So now I have a new “old” addition to my favorite band list.  I’ll have to make a point of thanking the guy who happened to mention SMG to me; if it weren’t for the fact that he mentioned them, who knows how long it would’ve taken me to get around to listening to them again?

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Favorite stomp-worthy danceable industrial tunes, Vol. 5 [Dec. 23rd, 2009|08:18 pm]
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Here's my latest list of suggested tunes for fellow rivetheads who love to dance to distorted beats as much as I do...

Recommended tracks available on last.fm, but not YouTube:
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Industrial dance troupe [Nov. 29th, 2009|08:09 pm]
[Current Music |Accessory - Midnight Fire]

A little while back, I got a very sweet compliment on my dancing style from someone at a goth club, and it totally made my day. It also reminded me that for several years now I've been batting around the idea of starting an industrial dance troupe. I have no idea how I'd go about finding other local dancers to collaborate with in such an obscure dance style, but I wanted to put the idea here in writing as a way of confirming to myself that eventually I will get serious about pursuing this.

I've been dancing (jazz, ballet and modern) since I was about 15, got some troupe performance experience in my early twenties, and then I took up tribal fusion and gothic bellydance in my late thirties. I've been dancing in North American goth clubs on the west coast since the early 1990s, and have taken dance classes on and off over the years. However, one of the reasons I've never kept at it as steadily as I'd like is that I've never found a dance class that suits both my preferred movement style AND my musical sensibilities. No music gets me dancing as reliably or enthusiastically as industrial, dark electro, and EBM...but you'll never hear that stuff in any dance class I know about.

Rivetheads do have an identifiable dance style, but there are no classes where it can be learned, and no industrial dance performance troupes (or at least none that I know about). I'd like to do my part toward changing that, but my skills are kind of rusty, and I'll need to get back into a regular dance practice routine if I want to improve. And of course, I'm in my forties, have asthma, and am facing some physical challenges I didn't have when I was younger, so I'll have to factor all of that into my plans. But I definitely want to do this, even if it's just on a casual basis on a very small scale.

For a taste of the kind of dancing I'm talking about, see Eisenfunk's new video Pong. And here are some other industrial dancers I like:
  • Shakra - These awesome rivetgrrls perform a bellydance/African/industrial dance fusion style that is a joy to watch. It's too high energy for me to keep up with, but it definitely inspires me to choreograph a few moves of my own!

  • Killskillz - I think this guy is my favorite industrial dancer so far, aside from the ladies of Shakra. His enthusiasm is so contagious, and I love his choice of music. I also love the fact that he moves during the intro and all the slower parts of the song, instead of just standing there and waiting for the beat to kick in the way so many club dancers do.

  • Tank - This young dancer has made many videos of himself dancing to industrial music in a variety of settings. He's quite talented.

  • Here are the previous two dancing together! I'm not so fond of the settings in these videos, but I love the industrial boots marching in sync in the beginning.

  • Virus - I especially like the camera angle switch at 1:04 in this video. (A lot of these videos could benefit from better camera work and editing). Here is another short clip of this dancer; I'm not so fond of the shopping mall settings in this one, but the dancing is good. And lastly, here is a (somewhat blurry) clip of the same dancer doing his thing in cool hair falls, goggles, and a skirt of the type I wish more men would wear. Ah, how I love black-clad rivethead men in skirts!
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Favorite stomp-worthy danceable industrial tunes, Vol. 4 [Nov. 29th, 2009|01:04 am]
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...continuing with my collection of stompy club-friendly tracks...And here are a couple more that I can't find on YouTube:
  • Uterus Insected - Rotting Mechanics
  • Collapse Project - Hero
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Dear Powers That Be... [Nov. 26th, 2009|05:46 pm]
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[Current Music |Cyanide Regime - Rosarium]

...can You get me a job as Kyle Cassidy's accountant, please? Or at least a job working for someone like him?

Kyle Cassidy inspires me. I love his artistic, goth-friendly, and feminist sensibilities. I love the way his work features real people in real settings. I want to work with someone like that - not just for my book project celebrating the rivethead subculture, but also in my everyday life.

I had a job interview this week for a company that is hiring tax preparers for the upcoming tax season, and while it went well enough and I think I'd probably enjoy the work, I came home feeling more certain than ever that I'm going to have to do something out-of-the-ordinary to find the job I really want in the long run.

You see, accounting is a conservative profession, and while I'm sure there are accountants like me out there who have strong creative and countercultural inclinations, they seem to be few and far between. (ETA: One example is Natalie of the band Cyanide Regime, who is an accountant-by-day, industrial musician by night). I feel like I have one foot in two very different worlds, and I want to find a way to unite them. I'm one half tax nerd, and one half black-clad freak. Half of my time is spent on tax work and studying tax regulations, and the other half is spent on writing, choreography, and other creative work. Furthermore, I'm an introvert - not the sort of person who seeks the limelight - and I'm happiest when I can sit down in a back office with my calculator and my spreadsheets, and work my financial magic. Ideally, I would like to find a way to make my living that would involve using my financial and tax-related skills to support the arts. There have got to be at least a few freak-friendly businesses out there that need the professional services of a tax preparer, accountant or bookkeeper (and can afford to hire one). But how do I find one who might want to hire me? I mean, I have it on pretty good authority that in a good chunk of the business world, putting "rivethead accountant" on my résumé is likely to raise a few eyebrows, and not in a good way.

It isn't so much that I'm looking for a job where no one will mind if I paint my nails black or wear my Tactical Sekt t-shirt and stompy boots to work (though that would definitely be a nice bonus!) I don't dress like a rivethead all the time, and I'd do just fine in a suit or other normal clothing. It's just that I want to work with artsy types, or at least in a place where there's no pressure to hide the fact that I spend my weekends dancing at goth clubs and working on a book about people who love extreme music and fashion.

Know anyone who might hire a black-clad, newly minted accountant to handle their bookkeeping, taxes, etc.? If so, please send 'em my way. All job leads, tips, suggestions and advice gratefully accepted.

Oh, and since it's US Thanksgiving today, I'll add what I'm thankful for: the fact that I'm going dancing at Shadowplay tonight with a friend.
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Favorite stomp-worthy danceable industrial tunes, Vol. 3 [Nov. 24th, 2009|10:57 pm]
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Here's my latest compilation of tracks for the rivetheads who love to dance as much as I do.

(Ahh...it's too bad my favorite pair of stompy boots are in the shop for alterations right now. Stompy-boot-makers don't seem to have much interest in making boots for those of us with even slightly wider calves than average).

Gotta start off with Pong, an excellent track from Eisenfunk's brand new release 8Bit. I call it "rivethead crack" because I fell hopelessly in love with it on the very first listen, I've been mainlining it ever since, and I still can't get enough. I love the video, which features a classic computer game (of course), a rhythmic pulsating logo, three energetic black-clad musicians who look like they're having heaps of fun, and two dancers in full rivethead gear who are a delight to watch. How can you NOT want to dance to this awesome tune? Not to be missed!

Next up is another great tune, Society by FGFC820. The video features a circle of dancing rivetheads. I love the way more dancers keep joining in as the song goes on. Makes me wish I were right there with 'em!

When I went to Dementia this past weekend, a guy actually showed up to the club in full military uniform, complete with gas mask. I thought that was awesome, though at the same time a bit frightening (which is part of why it was so awesome). He even went on the dance floor like that, although the gas mask came off pretty quickly. If I'd been more gutsy and socially confident, I would have introduced myself, and if I'd had my camera, I might have even asked if I could take a snapshot of him.

Anyway...on to more deliciously danceable tracks:
Some of the videos I linked in earlier posts have been removed by YouTube for terms of use violations, but I'll leave the names of the tracks as is for future reference.
Happy stomping!
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