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Industrial dance troupe [Nov. 29th, 2009|08:09 pm]
[Current Music |Accessory - Midnight Fire]

A little while back, I got a very sweet compliment on my dancing style from someone at a goth club, and it totally made my day. It also reminded me that for several years now I've been batting around the idea of starting an industrial dance troupe. I have no idea how I'd go about finding other local dancers to collaborate with in such an obscure dance style, but I wanted to put the idea here in writing as a way of confirming to myself that eventually I will get serious about pursuing this.

I've been dancing (jazz, ballet and modern) since I was about 15, got some troupe performance experience in my early twenties, and then I took up tribal fusion and gothic bellydance in my late thirties. I've been dancing in North American goth clubs on the west coast since the early 1990s, and have taken dance classes on and off over the years. However, one of the reasons I've never kept at it as steadily as I'd like is that I've never found a dance class that suits both my preferred movement style AND my musical sensibilities. No music gets me dancing as reliably or enthusiastically as industrial, dark electro, and EBM...but you'll never hear that stuff in any dance class I know about.

Rivetheads do have an identifiable dance style, but there are no classes where it can be learned, and no industrial dance performance troupes (or at least none that I know about). I'd like to do my part toward changing that, but my skills are kind of rusty, and I'll need to get back into a regular dance practice routine if I want to improve. And of course, I'm in my forties, have asthma, and am facing some physical challenges I didn't have when I was younger, so I'll have to factor all of that into my plans. But I definitely want to do this, even if it's just on a casual basis on a very small scale.

For a taste of the kind of dancing I'm talking about, see Eisenfunk's new video Pong. And here are some other industrial dancers I like:
  • Shakra - These awesome rivetgrrls perform a bellydance/African/industrial dance fusion style that is a joy to watch. It's too high energy for me to keep up with, but it definitely inspires me to choreograph a few moves of my own!

  • Killskillz - I think this guy is my favorite industrial dancer so far, aside from the ladies of Shakra. His enthusiasm is so contagious, and I love his choice of music. I also love the fact that he moves during the intro and all the slower parts of the song, instead of just standing there and waiting for the beat to kick in the way so many club dancers do.

  • Tank - This young dancer has made many videos of himself dancing to industrial music in a variety of settings. He's quite talented.

  • Here are the previous two dancing together! I'm not so fond of the settings in these videos, but I love the industrial boots marching in sync in the beginning.

  • Virus - I especially like the camera angle switch at 1:04 in this video. (A lot of these videos could benefit from better camera work and editing). Here is another short clip of this dancer; I'm not so fond of the shopping mall settings in this one, but the dancing is good. And lastly, here is a (somewhat blurry) clip of the same dancer doing his thing in cool hair falls, goggles, and a skirt of the type I wish more men would wear. Ah, how I love black-clad rivethead men in skirts!