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velvetwinter's Journal

I'm an old-school middle-aged rivethead feminist geek. I listen mostly to industrial, rhythmic noise, powernoise, dark ambient, neofolk, Pagan folk, EBM, dark electro, hard IDM and tribal fusion bellydance music. This journal is entirely focused on music and the industrial subculture.

I'm using this journal for personal reference for myself and for folks who aren't on LJ, so I haven't gone searching for friends to add. If you like my writings about industrial music and want to add me, though, feel free! All entries will remain public and drama-free.

I also have a profile at last.fm; feel free to add me there. I use it frequently.
abandoned places, absurd minds, aggrotech, aghast, agonoize, alter der ruine, ant-zen, apoptose, arcana, asche, aslan faction, atrium carceri, aïboforcen, brainclaw, c/a/t, cabaret voltaire, captive six, cervello elettronico, chainreactor, chemlab, coil, cold flesh colony, cold meat industry, coldwave, controlled bleeding, controlled collapse, cruciform injection, cut.rate.box, dark ambient, dark electro, darkwave, das ich, de/vision, dead can dance, delerium, desiderii marginis, destroid, die form, die krupps, distortion, drone, e-craft, ebm, eisbrecher, eisenfunk, electro, electro synthetic rebellion, endif, esa, fabrikc, faderhead, faith and the muse, feminism, feminists, festival kinetik, fiendflug, front 242, front line assembly, frozen plasma, funker vogt, futurepop, gas masks, geomatic, goth clubs, gothic bellydance, grendel, hagalaz runedance, harsh electro, hate dept., haujobb, headscan, hecq, hellectro, hypnoskull, ic434, imperative reaction, in strict confidence, inade, individual totem, industrial, industrial dance, industrial music, infekktion, informatik, iszoloscope, kevorkian death cycle, kiew, kirlian camera, laibach, leaetherstrip, life cried, lights of euphoria, lisa gerrard, love and rockets, lull, lustmord, lycia, machinery, massiv in mensch, melotron, memmaker, mind.in.a.box, ministry, nachtmahr, namnambulu, necessary response, new risen throne, new wave, noisuf-x, numb, orange sector, out out, panzer division, patenbrigade: wolff, phosgore, project pitchfork, projekt, psy'aviah, psyclon nine, raison d'etre, razed in black, rhythmic noise, rivetgrrls, rivetheads, rotersand, seabound, sephiroth, siva six, skinny puppy, solitary experiments, soman, steinkind, stromkern, störsender, system syn, tactical sekt, terrorfakt, tesco, the cure, this morn' omina, throbbing gristle, ulf söderberg, velvet acid christ, vestigial, wumpscut, xorcist, xotox, xp8, yade